Italian specialties

We are proud to be able to offer to our customers a selection of the best local Italian specialties. This is our very concrete way of providing value to our customers, by offering great products from our generous region, often referred to as “the food valley”.

Italian Rice

We offer 100% italian arborio or carnaroli, both ideal for the best succulent dishes, starting from risotto.


Our polenta flours come from selected dried corn, to guarantee the right smooth consistency, and perfect cooking without lumps. This holds true for the classic polenta flour, as well as the instantaneous version, ready in under 3 minutes.

Lambrusco DOC

Sparkling wine produced in Emilia, with local grapes. It pairs very well with traditional Italian pasta dishes, and it’s now increasingly popular paired with pizza.

Balsamic vinegar
di Modena IGP

A truly unique product. Obtained from cooked grapes, slowly fermented in wood barrels. It’s a class touch over meats, cheeses, and also fruit and ice cream.

Molini industriali